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 RM2000 - KUBOTA
 RM2000 - KUBOTA


Perfect choice for light to medium soils without stones
This mounted reversible plough aims at professional farmers with small to medium size farms. This new design generates high cost savings for the farmer.

Light but robust plough: 150x150mm induction heat treated frame for 3 to 5 furrow ploughs. No welding to avoid weaknesses. Robust 150 serie head stock.
Recommended for tractors up to 150 HP.

The Advantages:

  • Low lift requirements
  • Easy settings (manual furrow width adjustment, stepwise working width adjustment by repositioning 1 bolt only…)
  • Easy pulling
  • Auto-line system for correct pull line irrespective of wheel settings
  • High performance in light to medium soils
  • Shear Bolt protection: 3 400 Kp
  • Stepwise adjustable working width: 30 to 50cm (12-20”)
  • extendable by 1 furrow from 3 to max 5 furrow plough max.


Technical Specifications

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Model Interbody clearance cm Head stock Type of beam Working width cm Under beam clearance cm no of furrows
RM2000 85 150 Shearbolt 30 – 45 80 3 – 5
RM2000 100 150 Shearbolt 35 – 50 80 3 – 5

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Download technical document