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 TH2450F-TH2500F-TH2600F-TH3600F-TH3700F-TH3800F-TH3900F - KUBOTA


Thanks to its excellent weight distribution, precise depth control and optimum ability to follow ground contours the Kverneland TH seedbed combination produces a perfect seedbed in all types of soil. The finer soil particles are deposited in the lower level of the tilt to promote rapid and uniform germination and also to prevent loss of moisture. At the same time, the coarser clods are kept on the surface in order to reduce the risk of surface capping. Working widths from 4.5m to 9.1m are available. 
The TH2450F – TH3900F are designed with a robust three-section foldable chassis, which helps to limit the overall transport height of the machine. Whatever the model, they also offer a transport width of less than 2.5 m

The Advantages:

  • 4 to 5 rows of tines for a fine and levelled seedbed preparation
  • Transport width less than 2.5m
  • Large choice of tines for all conditions
  • Clod Board possibility on the whole range
  • Large offer of rear equipment for a fine seedbed preparation.
  • Working depth controlled by wheels inside the frame

Technical Specifications

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Model Working Width (m) Weight (kg) No. of rows/No. of tines
TH2450F 4.5 864 4/45
TH2500F 5.1 921 4/51
TH2600F 6.1 1028 4/61
TH3600F 6.1 1224 5/61
TH3700F 7.1 1406 5/71
TH3800F 8.1 1583 5/81
TH3900F 9.1 1712 5/91


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Download technical document