So much more than just extra volume.

XFT Comfort and XFT Pro

The XFT front tank is available in two different versions. The XFT211 Comfort with manual control of the EasySet control panel on the XMS sprayer as well as the control panel of the XFT. The second version is the XFT211 Pro. This is the ISOBUS version of the front tank, the operator gets full control over all functions from the tractor seat including automatic level management. Front and rear tanks will then be emptied in equal proportion for optimum weight distribution.

The Advantages:

  • Easy to fit, simple to unhitch
  • Multi-Tank-Management: one-tank, two-tank or reservoir approach
  • Optimal visibility from the tractor cab in all situations

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Technical specifications


XFT XFT211 Comfort XFT211 Pro
Nominal tank capacity (l) 1100 1100
Maximum tank capacity (l) 1300 1300
Clean water tank capacity (l) 2×65 2×65
Empty weight (kg) 221 223
Front linkage Cat II Cat II
Level indicator Mechanical Electrical
Control panel Manual Electrical (ISOBUS)


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