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The smart choice

Kubota M5001 is your smartest choice– the extremely manœuvrable tractor proves that size doesn’t matter. Its powerful engine, excellent transmission, high ground clearance and easy control makes the M5001 series essential in your daily work. Tough jobs are made easy !

 M5001 - KUBOTA
 M5001 - KUBOTA
 M5001 - KUBOTA

Surprisingly powerful

The 95 and 113 hp (DIN 97/68 EC) 4-cylinder-engines will show their power and efficiency.

Environmental friendly

The strict Stage 4 –final emission regulations are passed with flying colors.

Extremely maneuverable

The Bi-Speed-technology with 55° turning ankle and high ground clearance makes the M5 extremely agile and manœuvrable.

Very comfortable

With 36 forward and backward gears, changing gears is easy.

Surprisingly big

The spacious & comfortable cabine gives the operator a perfect 360 degree visibility, while the controls in the cabin keep everything under control.


The M5001 is much more than just a tractor. With ISOBUS retrofit terminals and Kubota implements this beats all challenges. Save time and money with the possibility of precision farming solutions.


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Market-leading technology under the bonnet

A tractor like the Kubota M5001 is designed for different tasks which demand excellent maneuverability as well as the demanding operation of PTO-driven implements. Thanks to its ingenious engine technology, the M5001 can handle such tasks with ease while being environmentally friendly at the same time. Powerful, reliable, clean, and quiet—the V3800 four-cylinder engines in the two M5001 series models M5091 and M5111 impress with their proven, reliable performance and higher efficiency, also benefitting the environment. This is possible due to the global leading diesel engine technology from Kubota.

This combination makes all the difference!

The common rail system (CRS) optimises combustion, resulting in a long-lasting engine and a quiet one. Kubota is the first tractor manufacturer to use a common rail injection system together with an SCR catalytic converter, AdBlue®, water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), diesel particulate filter (DPF) and diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC). The combination of this market-leading technology produces excellent performance values with optimised fuel efficiency. It goes without saying that the V3800 engine with 16 valves meets the strict requirements of the latest Euro Stage IV emission standards.

An Engine optimised for performance and torque

With the new engines for the M5001, Kubota has improved performance and torque values while simultaneously lowering the engine speed level. It now runs more quietly, offers greater wear resistance and lower fuel consumption.

Useful speed monitoring

The engines also feature a new electronic speed controller to govern the speed of the engine. Once the system has been activated, the speed remains constant, even when the demand for power varies. As a result, PTO-driven implements can be run more efficiently.

Operating your tractor is bound to include some of the same recurring tasks, such as certain PTO driven jobs. That is where the integrated speed memory comes into play. You can recall each setting with just the touch of a button. Without any further adjustments, you’re ready to go.

Maintenance in a fast, convenient and efficient way.

Knowing that you have more important things to do than spending a lot of time on maintenance, we made sure the M5001 sets the benchmark here too. The tractor’s one-piece bonnet opens wide allowing easy, unhindered access to all maintenance points. Filling up is just as easy as maintenance. The 105-litre diesel tank and the 12.3-litre AdBlue® tank can be safely and conveniently filled up from the ground.

Easily change into a higher gear easily

The user-friendly transmission of the M5001 provides a very smooth and easy to gear change. With 36 forward and 36 reverse gears, it covers all requirements from field and pasture work to vegetable plots.

Direct, smooth gear changes

The transmission of the M5001 does not lag behind the engine in terms of performance. With six synchronised gears with Dual speed technology in three ranges, you have 36 forward and 36 reverse gears to choose from. The transmission lets you change gears directly and extremely smoothly.

Sensitive and precise hydraulic shuttle

The drive clutch can be operated very precisely for coupling machinery. For such slow manoeuvers, you can use the clutch pedal to control a hydraulic valve that engages the clutch smoothly and precisely. This will give you easier operation that is less strenuous.

Drive fast and save fuel at the same time.

The tractor’s transmission cruising gear keeps the engine speed low thanks to the overdrive technology for high-speed trips. This 40-ECO transmission gets you to your destination quickly and saves fuel at the same time.

Easy change of direction

With the electrohydraulic shuttle lever of the Kubota M5001, you can change direction faster and easier than ever, without having to use the clutch. Just move the hydro shuttle briefly forward and backwards

The shuttle lever is within easy reach on the left side of the steering wheel. The tractor does not need to come to a stop to perform this shuttle operation. When working with the front loader, which requires frequent back-and-forth movements, it’s a true blessing to be able to change direction without having to press the clutch every time. Increased productivity is guaranteed.

Safety on board

Kubota positioned the park lock separately from the shift lever in the M5001. You can quickly set the brake and release it again at the push of a button.


The hydraulic power and lift capacity of the M5001 speak for themselves. It can lift a combination of front and rear disc mower with ease. You can really get things moving, literally.

Raise rear attachments effortlessly

The strong 3-point category II power lift enables the M5001 to raise heavy attachments with ease. Various machines can be quickly and easily attached and removed. In combination with the outstandingly powerful 3-point lift, you can handle even the most challenging tasks with great efficiency.

Lift heavy loads with ease and power where needed. The hydraulics of the M5001 are extremely powerful and respond quickly. External hydraulic cylinders for easy maintenance increase the lift capacity. The hydraulic pump has the capacity to guarantee both rapid and effective front loader operation, thereby improving productivity and performance. The standard equipment includes two control valves and an additional hydraulic valve with or without flow control as options.

Optimised machine operation

The hitch control system of the M5001 allows optimal use of rear implements. The position control, controls the attached equipment independently of the required tractive power. The draft control in turn regulates the tractive power required for the machine and automatically reacts to different soil conditions in order to maintain constant traction. Both control methods can also be used together in draft mix.

Highly efficient PTO work

Whether you are cutting grass, baling or spraying, you can always count on the independent PTO shaft at 540 rpm or 540 Eco rpm, anywhere and anytime. The PTO shaft brake engages automatically when the PTO shaft is disengaged, which brings the implements to a safe standstill. The PTO shaft clutch can be engaged and disengaged, electro-hydraulically while in operation. This makes tasks such as mowing or haymaking even more efficient. On request, the tractor can also be equipped with a 1000 PTO shaft.

Get used to lots of room

The Ultra Grand Cab II of the Kubota M5001 offers more space than anyone would expect for the vast majority of tractors in this performance class. The comfortable cab not only provides a unique sense of spaciousness, it also guarantees a pleasant interior environment and excellent panoramic visibility. Climb in and feel at ease. In combination with the new designed bonnet, the M5001 provides an excellent overview in all directions.

The tractor cab is your “mobile office” for much of the day. Kubota knows how important a pleasant workspace is, which is why the Ultra Grand Cab II of the M5001 has been designed to help you perform your tasks with the utmost comfort and efficiency. With standard equipment such as air conditioning and a skylight window with sunshade, it provides great comfort and high levels productivity throughout the year.

Easy & convenient entry and exit

Convenience and comfort begins with the doors. The large, continuous glass doors of the M5001 open wide and ensure safe, unhindered entry and exit on both sides—ideal when you are on and off the tractor a lot. The level platform, perfectly positioned pedals and unobstructed skylight, support this concept and provide generous headroom and legroom.

Clear view on all sides

There are very few cabs in this class that provide such excellent visibility of the implements and the immediate working environment. It starts with the fact that Kubota has equipped the cab with curved glass. Not only does this produce less glare, but the glass also provides a feeling of spaciousness. and impressive visibility in all directions: the generous glass surfaces, narrow cab pillars, and elegantly sloping bonnet all contribute to this, as does the exhaust pipe positioned at the side of the cab. Thanks to the all-glass doors, you also have a very good overview of the front implements.

Always under control, even at night

The tractors are equipped with a high-performance lighting package so that the excellent visibility of the M5001 can also be taken advantage of at night. As a result, you benefit from better visibility in the dark and extended work days.

Comfortable seating guaranteed

Adjust the cushioned driver’s seat according to your preference. With its high backrest and moveable armrests, it incorporates luxury and convenience, as well as allowing fatigue-free and concentrated work in the field and on the farm. Of course, the M5001 is also available with an air-suspended seat for even greater driving comfort.

Plenty of passenger space

There’s also a comfortable spot reserved for an instructor, which is offered as an optional seat. If the instructor seat is not needed, then it can simply be folded down to make more space.

Great climate all year

The M5001 offers complete climate comfort. The standard air conditioning and heating system located underneath the driver’s seat fulfils your individual climate preferences. The curved glass and intelligently positioned air nozzles on the steering column circulates the air optimally throughout the cab.

You can keep a cool head on hot summer days, as well as being cosy and warm on cold mornings. For your convenience, your Kubota dealer can install an optional electric defogger kit in the M5001. This gives you a clear rear view even in rough weather conditions.

Practical skylight with sunshade

The standard glass skylight lets even more light into the cab. The skylight is particularly useful when working with the fully raised front loader or a pallet fork, for instance. You have a great view of the tools mounted on the front loader without leaving your comfortable seat. In case the sun blinds you during field work or transport trips, it won’t do so for long—the retractable sunshade covers the glass skylight to keep the sun at a distance.

The convenience offered by the Ultra Grand Cab II is on a par with the excellent visibility. The comfortable driver’s seat and sophisticated cab air conditioning system provide the best conditions for long, pleasant hours on the tractor. See for yourself! You’re cordially invited to a long, relaxed work day.

You’ll gladly take to the wheel in the M5001

The operating concept of the Kubota M5001 is designed for productive work and good ergonomics. As a result, you can concentrate fully on the tasks at hand and achieve optimal results—while remaining relaxed. A steering wheel that gets out of the way.

The handy steering wheel can be tilted forward when you exit the cabin. Back in the seat, you can move it right back into its starting position. Simply press a pedal. Kubota has optimised the angle of the steering wheel, which gives you better visibility of the instrument panel and towards the front.

Functional platform for greater efficiency

In daily use, every move counts. Kubota has therefore redesigned the cab of the M5001 for improved ergonomics. Almost all central control elements are located right where they belong: ergonomically arranged on the right-hand side next to the driver’s seat for easy access. You will appreciate the clear arrangement and their intuitive operation.

This allows you to control the attachments with precision and to perform loading work with greater ease, while having to move around less in the process. In other words, your work day will be more efficient. The control elements in the cab ceiling are also easy to reach and adjust. Inspired by the control elements of a passenger car, they are intuitive to use and do not get in the way.

Everything of importance at a glance

Precise information at a glance is the guiding principle of the new, clearly laid out instrument panel display of the M5001. Easy to read and with the same design as its “big brothers”—the Kubota M7001 and the Kubota MGX III—all of the important operating data is available to you in an instant.

Ample storage space

Need room for your thermos, cup, notepad, etc.? Take them along! The M5001 offers plenty of storage space.

Time is money: save both with the M5001

The agricultural sector has nothing to give away. This is more true today than ever. With the retrofit ISOBUS and Precision Farming solutions for the M5001, you can apply pesticides, fertilizers, and seeds in an efficient, precise, and economical manner. The tractor and productive resources are put to optimal use. The M5001 can be equipped with retrofit kits, which means that your M5001 becomes an ISOBUS tractor with which you can use any ISOBUS device or machine on the market without limitations. This saves time and money, allowing you to complete your work stress-free.

ISOBUS on board

Wide-ranging assistance

Efficient use of resources

The terminals are ISOBUS-certified. The connector makes it possible to display the ISOBUS devices in the cab on the IsoMatch Tellus 12-inch or IsoMatch Tellus Go 7-inch monitor. All device settings can be accessed from the touchscreen display by your seat and you can adjust the monitors to your liking. The two operating terminals are certified according to ISO 11783, the ISOBUS certification for tractors and devices. Up to four cameras can be displayed on one monitor. On the terminals are some short cut switches that allow fast and easy switching between screens. On the IsoMatch Tellus 12” are two different screens displayed at the same time, this means two different pieces of information or even two different ISOBUS machines.
In addition of the ISOBUS terminals, a steering LED bar can be used to allow the driver to do manual guidance and increase the precision of the M5001.
The GEOcontrol function included in the Kubota terminals, in combination with GNSS receiver allow you to use the section control application and/or the variable rate function. These functions can be used with ISOBUS implements for example the precision seeders, spreaders or sprayers. These functions save costs and resources by saving: time, overlaps, fertilizer, and seeds. All jobs with the terminals can be exported to offer perfect traceability.

Tractor and front loader: from a single source, perfectly compatible

M5001 plus LA1854 provides a winning formula for perfect compatibility between the tractor and front loader. Both are from the same source - Kubota. You can be sure that everything is optimally matched. See for yourself, in real-world conditions on your own farm.

The modern designed bonnet provides a great visibility towards the front loader or front implement. This ensures overview and safety during your work. Talking about safety, the anti-lowering valves let the front loader maintain in his position even in cases of hydraulic pressure lost.

Quick couplings that deserve their name

Whether you need to work with a manure fork, pallet fork, bale fork, or a bucket— each of them can be quickly attached and removed from the M-series front loader. The standard Euro quick coupling is used wherever tools with Euro mounts are attached, heavy loads are handled, and high lift capacity is required. With the optional Kubota quick coupler, you can connect all four or six hydraulic lines at once and disconnect them just as easily.

Great comfort for the driver

The KSR (Kubota Shockless Ride) vibration damping system substantially minimises the shocks experienced by the driver, which can occur when working on bumpy terrain or during long-distance transport trips, for example. This function can be adjusted or switched on and off using the control below the KSR valve. You can control the front loader with the easy-to-reach joystick on the right-hand side panel of the M5001. Front loader work becomes fast and efficient.

Attach and remove the front loader without any tools

You can attach and remove the front loader without the use of any tools. The integrated supports and two connection pins turn this into a breeze. The benefits are twofold: besides higher productivity, the range of the tractor’s applications is extended.

The Kubota LA1854 front loader has various loader options, which surely include the right one for you. With different valve options for the first, second, third and fourth hydraulic functions, you can increase the number of possible front loader applications even further, such as additional hydraulically controlled attachments.

Would you like a little more?

In terms of maneuverability, the Kubota M5001 is in a class by itself. You can see evidence of this anytime that things get really tight. The tractor also scores bonus points in traction and ground clearance—further convincing reasons to go with the Kubota M5001.

The front axle with bevel gear drive makes the M5001 extremely maneuverable, featuring a terrific 55° steering angle. This makes the tractor predestined for jobs in tight quarters. For over 30 years, Kubota has been using front axles with bevel gear drives. For good reason, as this combination is not only responsible for the very tight turning radius, but also allows for the elimination of the high-maintenance universal joints.

Extraordinarily gentle

On account of its front axle, the M5001 offers high ground clearance that is hard to find in this class. Sensitive crops are thus treated more gently when the tractor passes over them. The same is true when making hay or straw, as large swaths remain undamaged.

Enormous tractive power

When dependable tractive power is critical under challenging soil conditions, the standard front axle with limited slip differential of the M5001 can be counted upon. It ensures a uniform travel speed, even in the case of slippage. Furthermore, heavier loads can be towed and more grip is available for loading tasks.

Slippage is controlled during turns. Under difficult terrain conditions, you can additionally engage the rear differential lock.

Braking comes easy

All M5001 are equipped with dual brake lines to ensure a great performance in difficult circumstances, like heavy trailer for instance.

The M5001 is also equipped with multi-disc brakes running in an oil bath. They require less pedal force, which in turn makes your life easier. Even under recurring tough working conditions, they retain their high performance and braking power.

Four wheel drive easily engaged and disengaged

Engage and disengage the four wheel drive with a simple press of a button. The best part of it is that the tractor doesn’t have to be stopped, even when transitioning from the field to the road. This helps your productivity and an LED indicator displays the current status. When the brake is pressed, four wheel drive is automatically engaged for better braking power.