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Kubota M7040N is a specialized, narrow tractor for orchard purposes. Its narrow body, great maneuverability and high power output allows for effective and comfortable operation, especially in farms set for fruit production.


The 74,4 HP M6040 features Kubota’s Tier IIIA compliant, 4 cylinder C-CDIS (centre direct injection system) engine


Hydraulic Shuttle is fitted as standard, so driving direction can be changed without touching the clutch

Front axle

Engine power is transferred to front wheels via a bevel gear shaft in oil bath and installed in a dust-tight casing. This results in an extremely low turning radius and high durability

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Bi-Speed Turn

Kubota’s unique Bi-Speed Turn system results in a much tighter turning radius. No unprotected moving parts are applied, as the whole module is fitted in a dust-tight casing. When Bi-speed Turn is engaged and the turning angle exceeds 35 degrees, front wheels accelerate and begin rotating at almost double the speed of rear wheels. Owing to this the minimum turning radius (Bi-Spped Turn engaged) equals 3,5 m.


Standard features include two speeds of the PTO: 540 and 540E. In the 540E mode, the revolutions of 540 rpm are achieved at lower engine rpm.


The M7040 is fitted with a mechanical 5-speed gearbox and a reduction box that offers 3 speeds as standard. In total, the operator can choose from 15 speeds in each direction.
This allows the tractor to reach speeds from 0,4 to 34,8 km/h.


The Cab on Kubota M7040N is uniquely spacious and offers the operator an extraordinary level of comfort owing to flat floor and lavish head room.

Hydraulics and rear hitch

Hydraulic pump output of 61,0 L/min (only for the rear hitch and hydraulic outlets), 2 pairs of hydraulic outlets and lifting capacity of 1900 kg. The Cat. II lower arms are controlled mechanically.

Standard features

Front weights, hydraulic shuttle, power steering, air conditioning, creep gear, rear hitch and drawbar, Bi-Speed Turn.